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“A magic bullet for Democrats during the 2020 campaign.”
“The future of political fundraising.”

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Old Spice
PC Gamer
Donald Glover

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Bernie Sanders
Democratic Party of Wisconsin
Crooked Media
It Gets Better Project
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Save the Redwoods Foundation
Rev. Raphael Warnock
Jon Ossoff
March For Our Lives

Hovercast's fundraising graphics helped us dramatically increase live donations during our grassroots events.

Bhavik LathiaDemocratic Party of Wisconsin

The tool is amazing and so easy to use.

Mia FermindozaDirector of VideoBernie Sanders 2020

Hovercast transformed our live broadcast into an interactive event. The flexibility of the Hovercast platform is a tremendous asset.

Evan LahtiGlobal Editor-in-ChiefPC Gamer Magazine

Interactive Shows on Any Platform, at Any Scale

Connect With Your Audience

You can’t interact with your audience if you can’t hear them. Hovercast integrates native engagement from wherever you are streaming. Now you have access to real-time chats, donations, photos, and even custom actions from cross-platform streams.

Create Eye-Popping Graphics

Don’t settle for bland templates. From hand-picked chats and tickers to live polls and donation meters, use fully custom graphics to visualize audience participation. Your show is ready for prime time.

Curate Chat in Seconds

You want to encourage participation without letting bad actors ruin the fun. Hovercast has lightning-fast tools to let you pick which chats to show on screen–even at the highest volume. Keep your streams brand-safe and troll-free.

Watch Engagement Soar

When you prompt your audience to take an action and then reward them for doing it, you get results. Hovercast gathers analytics on cross-platform engagement, so you can report out your success and optimize for the next time you go live.

Make Your Audience Lean In, Not Tune Out

Reward participation by featuring chats and donations on screen, or by assigning gamification points and badges. Now, your audience has skin in the game and a reason to keep streaming.

Boost Your Stream

Hovercast lets you interact with your audience simultaneously on any platform—including a custom-branded event page with ticketing, registration, chat, a photo booth, and more.

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